BMW E36 M3 BC-racing voorpoten, offcenter topmount RM-MA (SET van 2)


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Losse voorpoten voor de E36 M3 van de BC-racing lijn. Dit zijn de voorpoten die ivm de offcenter topmount veelal voor driften worden gebruikt. Kan met custom veerstijfheid geleverd worden. De set wordt op bestelling geproduceerd.

RM Series: Track use ‐ Inverted Dampers (Stage 3)
BC Racing’s inverted RM Series model includes all of the great features of the BR Series model, then takes everything up a notch. The inverted coilover system moves vital damper fluid away from detrimental heat sources to avoid overheating the fluid which can cause damper fade under extreme use. Inverted dampers handle high lateral loads more efficiently and offer increased durability under extended road course sessions. Other advantages are the reduction of unsprung weight by moving the majority of the coilover mass to the chassis of the vehicle where weight can be more easily shaved. This is a durable coilover setup for those looking to attack a road course, hill climb or tarmac rally.

* Inverted Mono-Tube Shock Design
* Height Adjustment Via Shock Body, Not Spring
* 30-Clicks Of Damping Adjustment (Compression/Rebound) Simultaneously
* Front Camber Plates Standard
* Custom Spring Rates Available For Most Applications
* Attention: As these sets are for track use only they can make noises that for some users may not be acceptable for daily/street use.
* In the box: 4 Coilovers including Dampers, Springs, Lower Mounts, Topmounts (if applicable), Adjuster Wrenches, Warranty Card with Serial Nr.

– Front: Inverted Damper With Pillow Ball Top Mount (Camber Adjustable)