I/O terminal Opel GM TCM activatie

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Dit betreft de “Opel/GM TCM” licentie.

Software for I/O TERMINAL hardware owners.  Software reads, writes memories of OPEL/GM TCM 6T30,6T35,6T40,6T45,6T50,6T70,6T75,6T80,6L45,6L50,6L80,6L90 by CAN(OBD or wired on bench)

OPEL/GM TCM ACTIVATION modules list and functions

  1. TCM  6T30,6T35,6T40,6T45,6T50 FULL AM29BDD160GB FLASH R/W. CAN (OBD).
  2. TCM  6T70,6T75,6T80,6L45,6L50,6L80,6L90 FULL M58BW016DB FLASH R/W. CAN (OBD).